“…..For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”
2 Timothy 1:7

Halloween has become a 5 billion dollar a year industry in the United States which is alarming to me, not so much as a Pastor, but as a human being! People are decorating their lawns with ghosts and witches? They’re paying money to walk through a house that is ‘haunted’? They’re also paying money to see horror shows, where half the time you cover your eyes to not see it! All kind of strange to me, but it is what it is. In Mark Chapter 5, we see a pretty scary chapter in the life of Jesus and yet He is cool and in control. We read of a young man possessed by demons, (we find out later it’s not just 1 demon…. It’s a Legion of demons.) This young man is tormented and lives among the tombs, he cuts himself and cries out in the night. Terrifying! Jesus sails across the Sea of Galilee and lands on the shore of the Decapolis as this crazed demon possessed man comes running towards him. A man filled with a Legion of ‘un-holy’ spirits confronts Jesus filled with the Holy Spirit. Think about it, the un-holy about to clash with the Holy, who would win?! And unlike all the movies you see on TV and in Hollywood, there is no epic battle or struggle. The demon possessed man falls at the feet of Jesus and the demons beg for mercy. If movies such as the “Exorcist” were biblically accurate, that’s a short film isn’t it? “Demons out in Jesus name…credits roll, movie over!”

The same Holy Spirit that empowered Jesus in His earthly ministry empowers the Christian today. “God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of POWER”. I think this Halloween Jesus would like us to put on the Spirit of Power and walk in a Holy confidence.

Back to our story in Mark 5, the demons beg Jesus not to torment them and get this………He doesn’t?! Jesus shows the demons mercy and grants their request to enter some pigs. I’m guessing if Jesus shows mercy and compassion to a Legion of demons, there is a good chance he’ll do the same for YOU! Jesus is loving, even to His enemies. The same loving spirit of Christ is dwelling inside of you. God not only gives you a Spirit of POWER but also of LOVE. What does Jesus want you to wear this Halloween………LOVE. You have the ability to not only love your friends and families, but your enemies as well.

He also wants us to put on a “SOUND MIND”. The young man set free from demons was seen sitting at the feet of Jesus “in his RIGHT MIND”. He asks to remain with Jesus. Strangely, Jesus denies his request and encourages him to return to the Decapolis (Region of 10 Gentile cities) and to testify of all Jesus has done for him. The young man did a pretty good job I’m guessing, because Mark chapter 7 informs us that crowds came from the Decapolis to see Jesus. This Halloween, let’s put on a sound mind. A mind that is aware of all Jesus has done for us, and share it with others.

While I might think Halloween is weird and dressing up is ridiculous- this is one costume I can get behind. What does Jesus want you to wear……..”A spirit of power and love and a sound mind”