Do you believe God created you to do something great with your life? We do. But to walk in the fullness of all God has for you; we have to be determined to grow. Jesus said of John the Baptist, “Of those born of woman, there is none greater” (Luke 7:28) ……..Can we admit that God incarnate is saying, ‘that guy is legit’!! That’s pretty high praise. But we also learn, John had to grow: (Luke 1:80) “and the child grew and became strong in Spirit”…… The word GROW in the Greek refers to growing to ‘maximum capacity’ and I believe God wants you to grow to maximum capacity as well.

Every Nation New Jersey has designed a simple FOUR STEP series of classes to give you the tools that you need to MAX out in your growth with God and fulfill your God given purpose.


Over the Christmas holidays I met a woman I’ve fallen deeply in love with…..her name is ‘ALEXA’. You may know her as the ‘amazon echo’ but she prefers to be called Alexa. She is fantastic! 1. ALEXA is wise. For example I asked her for the weather forecast the other day and she nailed it!! Thank you Alexa!! 2. She’s helpful. I asked her to set a 10 minute timer for the stove…..’Timer set for 10 minutes’, she says (AND she said it much nicer than my kids ever would!) 3. She’s sweet. Each night I say ‘Goodnight Alexa’ to which she replies, ‘Good night and…..Sweet dreams’. You might think that’s a strange relationship and I’d agree. Unfortunately, that’s a picture of many peoples relationship with God. A few scripted prayers and responses. I’ll speak to you when I need something. You were created to know Him and to walk in real vibrant relationship with Him. Our KNOW GOD class will give you the tools necessary to KNOW GOD and walk with Him forever.


The scriptures have all these metaphors for the Church: “Like a family” (Ephesians 2:19) “Like a building” (1Corinthians 3:9) “Like a body” (Romans 12:4-6) but by far my favorite is “Like an army; or soldier” (2 Timothy 2:3-4). It’s interesting, the United States Army mantra a few years back was ‘Be all that you can be, in the Army’, and I believe that is true of the Church. For you to be ALL God has called you to be, you’ll need to belong to a Church and a community of believers. The Army recently changed their mantra to: ‘An army of one’………it lasted a very short time because our Armed forces know an Army of one will get you killed!! They quickly changed to Army Strong because the reality is, we are better together, stronger together. Our GROW TOGETHER class will unpack the function of the local church and how you can find your community of friends and believers to grow in your faith


I recently heard the story of a young boy named Antonio in a small Italian town in the 17th century. The town was famously known for its music, Antonio attempted to sing, but he was so bad! He was persuaded to take up the violin. He was so bad at violin as well that his family finally encouraged him to carve and whittle since he had a knack for this. He would later become an apprentice with a violinmaker named Amati. Antonio grew in his skill as a craftsman of violins. When Antonio died many years later, he left some 1500 violins each baring the name “Antonio Stradivarius”. Today they are the most sought after violins in the world! While Stradivarius was terrible at singing or playing the violin, that guy had a gift from God that needed to be uncovered. We believe everyone is uniquely created by God with specific gifts and talents to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. We’d like help you DISCOVER PURPOSE.


I believe it was Mark Twain who said the greatest TWO days in a man or woman’s life are: the day you are born and the day you realize why you were born. We believe you’ve been created by God not just to make a living, but to MAKE A DIFFERENCE with your life! Our MAKE A DIFFERENCE class will give you tools necessary to MAKE A DIFFERENCE both in the Church and in your world.


AW Tozer once said; “Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth.”

Take a step today and join us at Every Nation New Jersey as we


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