I’ve heard it said that patience is a virtue…

Waiting can be a difficult thing in a world where everything is at your fingertips. We’re living in a time where things are easily accessible : all we have to do is point and click or chat with our favorite voice assistant and we get what we need.

But, patience can be a good thing because it can teach you the value of something.

I remember a time when I played college football and I thought I was ready to get on the field. I complained about not getting playing time, and sometimes thought I was better than those guys on the field. But what I didn’t know was that I had to be prepared first in the little things: watching film, reading the playbook, and conditioning.

In one game in particular, I tried to get on the field too early, but failed miserably and got embarrassed. From that experience I learned you must be prepared for the things you’re asking God for, and be willing to take the long road, not the shortcuts. The process of waiting is ok because it teaches you what you’re made of internally, and helps you to be thankful when you make it to the mountaintop, or reach your goal. Patience is difficult… But the journey is always worth it.