As I reflect on 2018, I am brought back to memories of years gone by.

Anyone that knows me won’t be surprised that in the past, New Year’s Eve was always all about finding that perfect dress. Jim and I would typically ring in the New Year celebrating with family and friends. Wearing a beautiful gown was always the attire for the evening. I recall one particular NYE I found a gorgeous vintage gown from the 1920’s. It was always a night filled with fun, dancing, noisemakers, party hats, and a band singing the latest tunes. Plus, some champagne to ring in the New Year!

At one of our New Year’s Eve celebrations, there was an issue in the kitchen where we were dining. Dinner wasn’t served until after 11:30pm, so as you can imagine the champagne was flowing and everyone, (including Jim and I) was literally dancing on the tables swinging our fine linen napkins as we rang in the New Year!!

Another of my most treasured New Year’s Eve memories are ones Jim and I spent with my Mom and Dad at their Country club.  My Dad would always request his favorite song, and dedicate it to my mom. ”After the lovin’, a classic hit from the 70’s. I can still picture it in my mind today, as if it were just yesterday!

Although all of those years were filled with tender moments and a whole lot of fun, they do not compare to the deep joy that my New Year’s celebrations now have. What was missing then was the joy of the Lord that fills me today. I wakeup now with a thankful heart, gratitude for the past year, and anticipation for the next. Now, instead of making New Years resolutions, I stand on God’s promises. The same God that provided for us in the past year will provide for us in the coming year.

Some things do remain the same though. I still carefully pick my outfit for the evening (sparkly, pink, and fur). However, this year we will be a part of a powerful prayer meeting at our church. We will be thanking God and reflecting on all of His goodness, and the many prayers he has answered in 2018. It will be a time of worship, casting vision and setting forth our prayers for 2019. As the evening unfolds our hearts will be filled with joy and a renewed hope and anticipation for the year to come.

After prayer, we will indulge in some laughter, food and fun with friends at our favorite restaurant. Then the evening will end at my daughter’s home where we dog sit our ‘grand-puppies’ (two Rottweiler’s). Chances are Jim and I will be fast asleep before midnight… leaving Remi and Kimie to howl in the New Year on their own.