I recently had a chance to go and witness my friend Joe and Anna’s 23 year wedding vow renewal. It was awesome to see all his family and friends there in Connecticut and support them. As I began to listen to their story the first thing he said was, “Do you guys remember how Anna and I started out and all the tough things that we had to go through to get to where we are today?”

He talked about their early struggles and some of life’s difficulties as a couple, but along the way he and his wife found Jesus. Their lives were radically changed because of it and they got a vision for their lives in their marriage. They realized God had given them the ability and creativity to do great things. Their goal was to lead people to the Lord and to be generous with their earnings. Joe and his wife Anna now have 5 children and run 33 McDonalds. They use their platform in business and their testimony to love and lead in a difficult world. I watched family and friends say that because of Joe and Anna’s life change, their lives got changed! The one thing I took away from all that Joe said was: don’t forget where you came from and don’t be ashamed of where you came from! God can do miracles!!!