When I came to Every Nation Church as a young man, I was inspired by what I saw. I saw men from all walks of life – corporate america, blue collar, teachers & educators, etc, and they were all serving God together. The other thing about this group of men was that they were “men’s men”; Bible in one hand, sword in the other. Meaning that they lived their lives according to the principles found in the Word, and they fought hard to be men of God – in their own lives, for their families and in their communities. I was drawn to the camaraderie of being on mission with other men to win souls to Christ and disciple other young men to live a higher calling.

As a former pro-athlete I was always looking for a challenge and my connect group & mentors did just that. The challenge was: if I was going to be a man of God I had to be all the way in and had no place for any excuses. Now I am a Pastor and my mission has become to challenge men to live a different life. We all have a choice to go with the flow of culture or to be a man of God. I have seen in my own life if you stay true to your faith, God will always be on your side.

Our Every Nation community is unique and you will be hard pressed to find another like it. Every Nation Church is multi-ethnic, multi-generational and multi-site. What that means is that we welcome people from every culture and every ethnicity into our community. We value every member of our church, from the little newborn babies to the high school and college students, to our older, wiser members. Our heart is to plant churches and so we believe in discipling our members to become effective ministers of the Gospel, using the skills and talents that they have.

I want to encourage you to get connected into our community. We have a number of connect groups for you to join and be challenged to take your life to the next level through Bible-based study teaching. You can also join our Growth Track class, where you will learn more about God, grow together, discover purpose and make a difference. It made the difference my life. I know it will change yours too.