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Every Nation New Jersey exists to reach the state of New Jersey with the Gospel of Christ and to bring transformation one life at a time. We celebrate the coming together of the nations of the world, as an expression of God’s own love for us.

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Sundays at 10AM


101 Gibraltar Dr, Suite 1C
Morris Plains, NJ 07950


Fun and casual for all ages and families

Upcoming Events

Learn about upcoming events and classes at Every Nation NJ.

Women’s Night Out

Women’s Night Out

Ladies, it’s time to gather again for a night of food, conversation, and laughter.

Men’s Night Out

Men’s Night Out

Join the men of Every Nation NJ for another great night out that nourishes both the stomach and the soul. All welcome!

Tailgating Picnic

Tailgating Picnic

Join us for our Annual Summer Picnic this July! It is a great time to meet and hang out with the families of Every Nation NJ!

Growth Track

Growth Track

Join us for this months series of Growth Track classes where we go deeper learning to Know God, Grow Together, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference.

From The Blog

Passing the Baton

There is a technique in football called "Jam.” A “Jam” is a defensive move and happens when you get your hands on a wide receiver to disrupt the timing of the route he is running. It’s something all defensive backs (DBs) are taught, but if you can master it you will...

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Through the Lens of Lions

I’ve made it no secret we are canine and not feline in theology here at ENCNJ. The Dog says in his heart: ‘You feed me, clean up after me, and care for me... You must be God!’ A cat, on the other hand, says, ’You feed me, clean up after me, and care for me… I must be...

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Live With Passion

It’s passion that pushes someone to do one more crunch when swimsuit season is right around the corner. It’s passion that pushes the athlete to run one more lap. It’s also passion that is often the key to success in business because it will push you to go that extra...

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One2One Booklet

One 2 One is a practical, effective tool designed for person to person discipleship. It is effective in introducing non-believers to Christ and getting new believers established in their walk with God.

Donate Your Car: Charity Motors

Every Nation Church, New Jersey members can donate their used car to Charity Motors and Charity Motors will donate the proceeds from the sale of that car to the church.

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